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Perfume Oil

Patchouli Vetiver
Palo Santo
Oasis of Mara

Pure essential oils and fine fragrances in Organic Coconut Oil. Made by Mojave Moon Apothecary in California. Vegan | Organic | Alcohol-Free

Palo Santo: A cleansing blend of palo santo and coastal sage mixed with notes of cedar and clove. 

Oasis of Mara: Inspired by the Oasis of Mara at Joshua Tree National Park, the oasis was first settled by the Serrano people who called it Mara, meaning "the place of little springs and much grass." In the first year, the Serrano planted 29 palm trees at the oasis which later gave the town of Twentynine Palms its name. This is a green, lush scent with notes of fresh grass, white florals and morning dew.

Patchouli Vetiver: A dark, earthy blend with hints of smoke, tobacco, and leather.