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Sassafras albidum is a medium-sized, deciduous tree native to eastern North America. Sassafras leaf has a long tradition of use by indigenous peoples. Often, the leaf was used to flavor and thicken soups and sauces. Adapted by the Creole culture of the southern United States, sassafras leaves have become an integral part in regional culinary dishes like gumbo. Aromatic and warming, the leaf can even be used in tea infusions or in topical applications. The concentrated essential oil of sassafras is very powerful, and should only be used with extreme caution, in small amounts, and with the direct oversight of a medical professional.     

Benefits of Sassafras

Helps with urinary tract issues

Potent antioxidant



Pain reliever- Analgesic properties

Skin related issues - Sassafras has been used for many topical issues and skin health is no exception. Applying a poultice of sassafras leaves to the affected areas can quickly reduce the inflammation or discoloration of the skin. 

Although safrole, an ingredient present in sassafras, has been the attention of controversy for some reason, it has also been of interest for its anticancer potential. A 2015 study that focused on the viability of safrole as a carcinogen in the case of gastric cancer, found it to induce apoptosis. Another research in the International Journal of Clinical & Experimental Pathology studied its anti-hepatoma effects. It suggests that safrole may have the potential to fight against hepatocellular carcinoma.

Eye swelling


Insect bites and stings

Purifying the blood

Reduce inflammation 

Precautions: Not for use in pregnancy except under the supervision of a qualified healthcare practitioner. Not for long-term use. 

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