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Siren's Sea Mala


A collection of Oceanic treasures, the Siren's Sea Mala is a luscious gemmy touch-piece full of serenity, peace, and tranquility creating a calming yet inspiring environment similar to the sea. Legendary Aquamarine creates a soothing and healing energy similar to the ocean's waves encouraging the wearer to let go of negative attachments and energies. A sweet Freshwater Pearl cascades from a coral inspired golden mandala representing love, loyalty, and wisdom. Carrying an energy of the soothing water it's birthed from Pearls are soothing, calming, and therefore grounding. A strong connection to the goddess Pearls exude divine feminine energy of nourishment, flow, and love.

Siren's Sea Mala is hand-knotted with 6mm Aquamarine, Blue Fluorite, and 4mm Blue Fluorite on silk cord. 108 Meditation beads. Gold Mandala charm + 14k Goldfilled accents. 14k Goldfilled Hand wrapped Aquamarine drips. Freshwater Pearl drop.

Made in United States of America