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Yellowdock Tincture

2 oz

Yellow dock root is cooling, sour, drying, cleansing, a laxative, and bitter. Yellow dock is indicated for cases of overactive digestion, excessive appetite, excessive hydrochloric acid with reflux and burning, and an overabundance of saliva. Yellow dock is considered to be one of the best herbs for the entire digestive system. The taproot is rich in anthraquinone, which has a laxative action. Supports the function of the kidneys, liver, lymph glands, and intestines. Yellow dock has a long history of use as an alterative. Alterative herbs have nonspecific effects on the gastrointestinal tract and the liver. As a result, they are thought to treat skin conditions attributed to toxic metabolites from poor digestion and poor liver function. 

Individuals with a history of kidney stones should not use Yellow Dock Root Tincture.

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