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Bolga Basket


This fair-trade basket from Big Blue Moma is one of our more popular styles. It's single handle and wide mouth make it a great market basket, magazine storage or fruit basket. The black and white goat leather handle is the signature of the collective we buy from. The elephant grass is dyed in rustic pots over a wood burning fire and the handles are sewn by the men who are employed by the collective. Large Round Bolga Baskets are approximately 15 inches x 11 inches not including the handle. Bolga baskets are handmade in farming villages in the Bolgatanga region of northern Ghana and are perhaps the best known of all African baskets. They are woven from local, abundant kinkanhe grass and usually have a goat skin handle. Great for taking to the farmer's market or as a travel bag. 

Your basket may need reshaping. To do this, unfold it, soak it in water, and press out any wrinkles with your hands, then let it dry.