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Calamus Root

1 oz

In Ayurvedic medicine, Calamus is called vacha, which means “to speak”. Not only is it said to restore the voice in an auditory manner, it is noted to connect one’s heart to their voice, allowing people to clearly speak their truth.

Also called sweet flag, the leaves were once strewn on floors for their pleasant aroma. Calamus root can be used in topical applications, to scent cosmetic products, and in some internal applications under the supervision of a qualified expert.

Properties: The taste and energetics of Calamus Root are bitter, spicy, sweet, aromatic, warming and astringent. This plant has an affinity towards the digestive system, cardiovascular system, liver, gallbladder, nervous system, musculoskeletal system and respiratory system.

How to use: The safest way to ingest this plant is in a very small amount as Calamus Root has strong effects. To use this plant you should consult with a qualified healthcare practitioner.

Precautions: Calamus may assist in lowering blood pressure and heart rate. In theory, large amounts of this herb might worsen heart problems in some people with heart conditions. Calamus can depress the central nervous system, especially when combined with anesthesia and other medicines used during surgery; discontinue use at least 2 weeks before a procedure.

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