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Suma Root

1 oz

Our wildcrafted, fair-trade Suma Root (Pfaffia paniculate) is a ground vine native to Brazil, Ecuador, Peru, and Venezuela. Suma root is nicknamed Brazilian ginseng or para tudo (translating from Spanish as “for all”) and used for a wealth of purposes, such as to relieve stress, fight disease, and serve as an aphrodisiac

The root has been used in traditional Amazonian herbalism for its adaptogenic and wellness-supporting qualities. Suma root also has a history of use as a food source and it can be added to herbal formulations for its vanilla-like flavor. Suma root contains pfaffic acid and saponin pfaffosides. These two compounds are praised for their anti-cancer properties. Additionally, the root is rich in polyphenols and alkaloids. These two types of antioxidant compounds are believed to prevent cell damage and protect your body from a range of diseases.


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