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Witch Hazel Leaf

1 oz

Witch Hazel’s leaf and bark contain tannins that have astringent properties and can help to stop internal and external bleeding. A herbal salve or poultice has traditionally been used to treat varicose veins, swelling, bruises and hemorrhoids. A tea of Witch Hazel has been used for burns, insect bites and inflammation. As a soothing herb, Witch Hazel has been traditionally used to relieve tired muscles, perineal soreness; and to ease itching and bleeding from hemorrhoids.

The tannins in witch hazel are also thought to have antiviral effects and have been tested in studies against the influenza A virus and HPV. Another study, published in the journal Planta Medica, showed that witch hazel bark exhibited antiviral effects against herpes simplex 1. Another common way to take advantage of the antiviral effects of witch hazel is to use it as a gargle for sore throats.

*Note: Witch Hazel may give you tummy troubles due to the tannins in it but it's unlikely it will cause any real harm. However, you're better off using witch hazel topically and letting it do what it does best.

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