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Pennyroyal Leaf

1 oz

A powerful member of the mint family, pennyroyal is found in many parts of North America, New Zealand, and Australia. It prefers to grow beside drains and in damp patches in fields and is not easy to find in dry areas. Pennyroyal may help support memory in healthy adults. Pennyroyal can be prepared as an infusion, tincture, tea or powder. It is possible that pennyroyal can support normal memory function in healthy adults. Not only does it help with sleep and digestion, it also assists with hayfever and colds, indigestion and headaches.

WARNING: Never make pennyroyal tea from fresh leaves. These leaves contain the toxic oils which can cause some serious problems for your health. Instead, buy fully dried leaves – it’s best to buy loose leaf teas instead of bagged tea. The recipe for pennyroyal tea is simple.

  • Place about a teaspoon of fully dried pennyroyal leaves in a tea cup or mug. Pour 8 pounces of water over the tea leaves, and allow to steep for ten to fifteen minutes.
  • Once the tea has steeped, strain the leaves using a strainer or cheesecloth. You can toss the leaves in the trash, or sprinkle them in your garden to deter insects.
  • To make the flavor of your pennyroyal tea a bit more enjoyable, try sweetening with honey. Pennyroyal has a strong, minty and earthy scent

***PRECAUTIONS: Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should never drink pennyroyal tea. The tea will likely cause termination of pregnancy and passes through breastmilk causing poisonous effects to the baby.

Pennyroyal should not be used where there is kidney disease. The herb is considered generally safe when the aerial parts are combined with other herbs and consumed as a tea by healthy adults for short periods of time (less than a week).

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