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Turkey Tail Mushroom

1 oz

Wild harvested Turkey Tail Mushroom

Disclaimer: Due to the wild nature of these mushrooms, there may be small amounts of natural debris such as bark, moss, twigs, etc.

Turkey tail mushrooms have been brewed for thousands of years by the Chinese as medicinal teas. The Japanese, who reference it as Kawaritake or "cloud mushrooms" have been well aware of its benefits for some time also. 

Turkey tail mushrooms are known for their anti-cancer properties, promoting gut health, remediating colds and the flu, boosting immune function. Studies showing its effectiveness particularly against breast and prostate cancers have been documented in recent years. 

How to make Mushroom Tea:
Break the mushrooms into smaller chunks; cut with a heavy blade or break apart pieces with your hands. If this is all too much work you can still use a whole dried mushroom per pot of water. Use whatever you have to break the mushroom into smaller pieces. If you have an appliance, such as a blender that will grind them, that's great and works too.

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